Wink develops Dealbook: Developing A Multi-Channel Property Breaking M&A News for the C-Suite

December 11, 2010


DealBook is a financial news service reporting on mergers, acquisitions, venture capital and hedge funds and is produced by The New York Times. It caters to a high-level audience of C-Suite executives and decision makers via its website, newsletter, a dedicated page in The New York Times’ Business Day section, and mobile apps.

Since the relevance of financial reporting is no longer limited to Wall Street, everything that’s reported on DealBook impacts someone’s bottom line. Therefore the brand needed to reflect that in a way that felt relevant, nimble, and worked within the evolving Times’ vernacular. Strategically we avoided clichés like graph arrows, currency symbols, bulls and bears as the audience is inundated with those concepts daily. As DealBook already has a loyal following, 160,000 subscribe to the daily newsletter alone, so the equity is in the content. To a degree, we simply needed to reinforce what readers already knew, that any word in an article can move the needle.



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